Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too Busy

To anyone who actually reads this,I haven't had a lot of time to really update I've been a little busy between retail work and school to do so. I also realize that there are a ton of games I'm missing out on due to lack of finance I really need to do something about that soon. I'm also doing some portfolio work since Westwood College Dupage campus is putting together a student sketchbook again for C2E2 and the exposure is worth it I could also use the practice as my deviant art will show improvement has been made. I've also been learning html and web design so blog changes coming soon. I still manage to play Magic: The Addiction and news flash Venser's Emblem stacks, I noticed by accident because I wasn't paying attention and then whoa wait..............I won that game is going on too long and you should be winning but this speeds it up a bit. Other news still on about games I'm working on being named president of the "Gamer's Club" for our campus and then on events to be held by the club. Speaking to the guys in Admissions who I'm fairly decent friends with we will now be working fairly close with Game Pazzo, which from the sounds of things may lead to bigger and way better things, and possibly Graham Crackers a local  comics and cards place is nearly asking to hold FNM at our school which would help them expand space, and gain some extra participants. Otherwise there is a toy line by the name of Monster High that I have become a little too interested in high school full of the children of famous monsters but no Alucard when they have a daughter of Dracula so next on my list of things to do is scrabble together a profile and put together some sketches to send to Mattel maybe they'll look at it maybe not heres hoping, I could use the exposure.
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