Sunday, December 26, 2010

Has the time come?

So finally things wind down, going from 38 hours weeks to 15. Which isn't bad I guess since this term I have three classes again. So beneficially I just finished my first web design class, I have a good grasp on html and xhtml but could use a little more. For our final project we found a free ftp which is great so soon enough I'll buy my domain and use it for a portfolio and possibly a lil more. Spent the holiday home in Rockford handing out gifts, and visiting everyone it's cool to see some changes in a year but nothing horribly drastic. New year new cards clock is ticking daddy Jace, maybe play in standard can become affordable for a moment or two. Time for a break to re-coup after the holiday season in retail, I'll get back to anyone reading and try a lil harder, and who knows maybe make this page prettier.
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