Sunday, September 20, 2009

Missing in action or action in missing?

Been missing, but also been rather engrossed in Detective Conan lately; or Case Closed be it the same. Another chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh makes it onto, and I finally get a chance to play Dread. Dread beat my expectations I picked it up at a con, and it uses a stacking block puzzle (Jenga) as the core mechanic as opposed to dice. It works surprisingly smooth for it as well, very little is the game broken up to determine an outcome. I may since the games are rather short; depending turn them to short story and place them here. Look forward to it later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

MIrror force? Damn near..........damn!

So then I've been off here for awhile, been on Byond playing duel monsters unlimited. The game has merit for something indie done with limitations; sure you have to manually do a lot in the game, but it also doesn't constantly pester you to activate something if you don't want to. Despite the misplays I'd recommend it, customizable avatars 'n' icons, in game chat, and up to about 100 people in a room plus lag, but that is expected. sign up and log in plus tons of indie games to play. As for cards IRL I managed a gold series Solemn, ROTA, and Bottomless for my Six Samurai as well as Book and Dimension Gate for the FLs to come; now to look for a way to abuse Lighty for her effect; taking suggestions.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Grave has been kept.

Ok, I didn't get chance to check out the KH TCG. I did however have a Gravekeeper's theme run smoothly in a formatted play though it could of course use tweaking; though it was 1/3 it did manage to take down Blackwings those heartless bastards. All my Fortune Ladies have arrived; thank you ebay. I spent the day watching Peach Girl, which is odd for me since A. I'm a guy watching Shoujo anime B. It's about everything I hated in highschool. However I continue to watch, maybe it has to do with FUNimation or I can actually watch dubbed anime when they do it with no issue. I don't usually support watching anime on youtube since its usually an illegal upload taking the place of something that is supposed to be original content, but it saves me time from torrenting, and I usually do if the series isn't bad. Gundam 00 was great, too bad Lock-On died before season one ended (Yes, I know that's Bandai was just saying).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mo' Money, Mo' Card Games.

It really sad that I have to go broke to play these damn games. Speaking of which I have an idea or two in the works on a few I'd like to get produced neither are finished though. On the front of things for MLP, Everything recorded is commed and uploaded soon enough I'll get some more recording done and get some more uploads. For Yu-Gi-Oh I'm working on a strategy for the Fortune Ladies, when I get one I'll get it up here (Hopefully I can convince a buddy of mine to ignore proxies once again to try em early). Konami hasn't updated the ban list yet, but sad to see or glad as the case may have you Blackwings took a hit with Gale getting the restriction, other than that what were they thinking putting Fissure and Breaker back to three in a deck. I haven't had a chance to really play any as of late, but friday is my usual day to play; then I'll let whatever readers I still don't have know how it all goes and actually begin to understand the Kingdom Hearts TCG and explain a bit. I don't have anything else for now check back.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Comms for the win?

New day, new life. More like new day, new uploads last night I took some time and commed over the 6/7 parts I could since Audacity decided to be a pain for The Darkness and have spent today uploading it. I was worried about these parts, Windows Movie Maker was being a pain when it came time to edit and I tried hard to find a way to edit somewhere else. So then I found that .mpg is not a great format if your on a Mac. So I end up finding a convertor to turn the file into something that iMovie will recognize since Final Cut Pro was also misbehaving. After some worry about loss of quality and a test with the first part it came out better than before now the video isn't squished into the center of everything and just has widescreen aspect on youtube which is nice. Still on the unfortunate side is it's really tough to do comms with Ceramic Biscuit, for technical reasons so the movies and shows will wait for now until we find a way or manage some time to get it done. Also I could a better quality recorder if anyone has a Dazzle or something else aside from a gamebridge that works on Mac Leopard and a laptop for really cheap I'd love to know. Nothing for now on the card game scene, or in the world of games, and if I get a camera I may do a few duel recordings and I'm considering a live-action movie based on yu-gi-oh.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ok, well it's time again. Yu-Gi-Oh has a promising new set coming out ANPR ( I think we should dub it Ancient Power Ranger). ANPR offers a look into the XX-Saber archetype building on the already somewhat available X-Saber. Yea, Somewhat most of the X-Sabers have been released in duel terminal packs yet to hit America, but should be showing soon enough (I can't wait to not have money because of this XD). Moving along X-Sabers add decent effects to the warrior types but suffer a heavy hit of barely being strong enough to tear apart toilet paper; I know with 5Ds the mode has shifted to everything having a place and being useful, but so far they don't have a hope. I'm not an expert, but I'd put it's safe to say they won't see much play or break any new ground yet.
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