Thursday, October 6, 2011

Innistrad full of flavor.

Innistrad has been in full swing for about a week and the most we really saw come of it was some nice brews, still doing so myself, and RDW taking top two spot at SCG Indy. I wanted to do something with humans personally for the flavor aspect of the game they're the underdogs and need to band together in order to stand against.......well everything. The idea was fairly simple use Naya werewolves with human support to force the opponent to be on the spot between a rock and a werewolf. Do they let it transform to lose the lifelink of Buther's Cleaver but get bigger or let it be smaller and gain me some life. Though at the end of the day Mayor ended up being the only werewolf partly for being a lord, and then for being a lord/dude factory. They also needed tools to fight off things so I gave them three Cleavers and one of each Mirrodin sword, and a Trepanation Blade. What is a magic deck without a topped curve so for fatties sporting two Sun Titan, and two Wormcoil Engine, Sun Titan gets back over half the deck, and Wormcoil is just an all around threat, for extra backup special land Gavonry Township which I could use more of to slowly make on field dudes bigger. Due to financial problems the deck feels incomplete and needs a few things. Once the list is rounded out I'll get it. on a secondary note Moon Logic Productions is going to be making a huge push so look for us on YouTube and soon
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