Saturday, September 12, 2009

MIrror force? Damn near..........damn!

So then I've been off here for awhile, been on Byond playing duel monsters unlimited. The game has merit for something indie done with limitations; sure you have to manually do a lot in the game, but it also doesn't constantly pester you to activate something if you don't want to. Despite the misplays I'd recommend it, customizable avatars 'n' icons, in game chat, and up to about 100 people in a room plus lag, but that is expected. sign up and log in plus tons of indie games to play. As for cards IRL I managed a gold series Solemn, ROTA, and Bottomless for my Six Samurai as well as Book and Dimension Gate for the FLs to come; now to look for a way to abuse Lighty for her effect; taking suggestions.

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