Friday, August 21, 2009

Grave has been kept.

Ok, I didn't get chance to check out the KH TCG. I did however have a Gravekeeper's theme run smoothly in a formatted play though it could of course use tweaking; though it was 1/3 it did manage to take down Blackwings those heartless bastards. All my Fortune Ladies have arrived; thank you ebay. I spent the day watching Peach Girl, which is odd for me since A. I'm a guy watching Shoujo anime B. It's about everything I hated in highschool. However I continue to watch, maybe it has to do with FUNimation or I can actually watch dubbed anime when they do it with no issue. I don't usually support watching anime on youtube since its usually an illegal upload taking the place of something that is supposed to be original content, but it saves me time from torrenting, and I usually do if the series isn't bad. Gundam 00 was great, too bad Lock-On died before season one ended (Yes, I know that's Bandai was just saying).

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