Monday, August 30, 2010

That was when....

Hey looks who's back after a year, since the last post I moved south of Chicago, IL; started school, and continue to hate working for an unnamed store with red uniforms, and employees, and kids, and babies. Anyways now four terms deep into an Applied Associate's for Graphic Design, and before my BA in Game Design. The Darkness should get new episodes Wednesday September 1st, 2010 up to episode 26. I have since become reacquainted with Magic the Gathering, and can't help but spend my money on it running Over-Extended and Standard and Extended. Falling in with MTG I fell away from YGO and sold a few things I picked up and could have used. I still have Sentai Samurai, Tombkeeper's, and Fortune Ladies; which is still missing a Magician's Valkirya. Going to school for Design I've been spending time developing my "Critical Eye" as my first instructor called it so many times; as such I find myself being more skeptical of things than excited though it keeps me from blindly accepting things. Since picking Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game last Thursday I've manage to beat it about 5 times, and am now maxing out Ramona the last character. I saw in a FAQ on gameFAQs that when the DVD comes out Knives Chau may be a DLC where I want to play as Knives I would much rather be Wallace Wells, who I believe to be the best character in the series. This franchise has really taken me by storm though, it manages to only get praise from me in all its forms. The Movies OST was pretty good, except for Beck, the game is great all the way through, the game OST is neo-retro awesome on a stick laced with cocaine, and sugar. Lastly the comic, I saw the movie first which got me hooked sadly, but the comic drew me further in whereas I don't blame the movie for being the way it is I see what they did. Certain scenes where changed to fit for time, and to not lose certain jokes they wanted to keep while keeping the same flavor and not having the characters stray too far; it did so in a fairly acceptable manner. Anyways I tend to write like I talk which could be seen as a giant text block so in honor of myself, I should have my own holiday printed on roman calendars, I will leave it in this fashion, I will get my decklists up soon, and try to make this the last thing I do close to everyday.

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  1. Glad you're back!


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