Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Am I late?

Not a lot of new things happened today so in sight of filler comes a decklist, this is one of my current Standard MTG decks until Scars in October I call is System C.A.I. (kudos to those who get the reference, bonus points to those who know what CAI stands for)

Spells: 31
Ajani Goldmane
Ajani Vengeant
Chandra Ablaze
Chandra Nalaar x2
Elspeth Knight Errant
Gideon Jura
Jace Beleren
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker x2
Sorin Markov
Everflowing Chalice x2
Obelisk of Alara x2
Bant Charm x2
Naya Charm x2
Grixis Charm x2
Esper Charm x2
Vengeful Rebirth x2
Explore x2
Exploding Borders x2
Foresee x2

Creatures: 4
Birds of Paradise x3
Platinum Angel

Land: 25
Stirring Wildwood
Raging Ravine
Sunpetal Grove
Drowned Catacombs x2
Dragonskull Summit x2
Rootbound Crag
Glacial Fortress x2
Mountain x3
Forest x2
Island x3
Plains x3
Swamp x2
Terramorphic Expanse
Evolving Wilds

It runs a lot of different outlets for complete silliness, and murder possibly seeing Bolas early as turn five if my math is right. Regardless of the it has been a ton of fun to play; best in groups of three or more, but can stand in one on one. Earlier today was just such the case; I was staring down three opponents we deep in resting at turn eightish if not a little bit later. Across the board from me was Grave Pact, two Abyssal Gatekeeper plus some other junk. Mass Polymorph sitting to my right, and Five Color Cascade to my right I decided to Grixis Charm a Gatekeeper causing everybody to lose four creatures, which walked right into a Cancel from Mass Polymorph; with my open mana I had a ready Bant Charm, and was called a dick for not letting his crazy Polymorph go off. I eventually lost to a Divinity of Pride with a Mageslayer equipped, but we were all low on life by then. The whole point of the deck is to be ready for any situation which I has answers to pretty much everything that can happen in the game. Currently in work is a Grixis Color Leyline of the Void Pyromancer Acension Mill Deck, Multicolor Merfolk entitled Ariel's Revenge, which needs Lord of Atlantis, Merfolk Sovereign, and Merrow Reejerey; before it become bullshit and hurts people a lot.


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