Monday, August 17, 2009

Comms for the win?

New day, new life. More like new day, new uploads last night I took some time and commed over the 6/7 parts I could since Audacity decided to be a pain for The Darkness and have spent today uploading it. I was worried about these parts, Windows Movie Maker was being a pain when it came time to edit and I tried hard to find a way to edit somewhere else. So then I found that .mpg is not a great format if your on a Mac. So I end up finding a convertor to turn the file into something that iMovie will recognize since Final Cut Pro was also misbehaving. After some worry about loss of quality and a test with the first part it came out better than before now the video isn't squished into the center of everything and just has widescreen aspect on youtube which is nice. Still on the unfortunate side is it's really tough to do comms with Ceramic Biscuit, for technical reasons so the movies and shows will wait for now until we find a way or manage some time to get it done. Also I could a better quality recorder if anyone has a Dazzle or something else aside from a gamebridge that works on Mac Leopard and a laptop for really cheap I'd love to know. Nothing for now on the card game scene, or in the world of games, and if I get a camera I may do a few duel recordings and I'm considering a live-action movie based on yu-gi-oh.

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