Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The game goes on.

Proliferate has been undergoing tweaks trying to find a balance currently sitting at a 50% win rate performing well only to fall apart in the following match. The deck is in need of draw spells, but could also use an increase in mana though I'm finding it tough to cut spots for extra mana. Adding in Sphinx-Bone Wand did great justice, but what else does it have now. I went two up on Chandra Nalaar added Jace Beleren, and Liliana Vess. Chandra Replaces Triskelion able to deal bigger amounts to creatures sooner, and gaining slowly off players. Jace allows three consecutive turns of an extra draw, unless we have a clasp on field in which Jace becomes draw every turn; should we get silly with the proliferate he may of may not mill twenty from an opponent. Liliana will allow a perpetual tutor should we murder enough creatures we can steal them from graves. Even better is trying to get ahold of the cards in Scars making this deck work, so what do we cut to add in Lox Cannon, I'll cross that bridge once I get there, but wtf 4 for an artifact to add charge counters to it then remove three and destroy a permanent; Bolas Planeswalker on a  stick. In other news new parts of The Darkness should be going up today, and making progress in finishing the games in my library I haven't yet polished to perfection. After thinking about the money I wasted on my tabletop collection I thought it might be time to use them spending so much of my brain already on MTG it seemed a great bit to use for a campaign in Mage: The Awakening so in work is a story of planewalkers whose spark ignites to save the multiverse from a great evil.


  1. Proliferate will always undergo tweaks :D

  2. you've got some good insight in this post :)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my last post! Your input will help me with my next one.

  4. that's a unique perspective on it!

  5. magic is legit
    im looking forward to your posts

  6. When it comes to your post, GTL can also stand for "Great Thoughts at Length"... keep it up!

  7. Cool posts bro.
    Like what you're doing.
    Into MMA?
    Check out my blog.
    Keep updated.

  8. nice, I can't wait to see what you have to say in your next post


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