Monday, October 18, 2010

Kill Fiend

So someone may have told you, not me for sure, that Kiln Fiend has a turn three kill in Standard. How is that possible? Well Kiln Fiend gets +3/+0 until end of turn for each instant or sorcery you play, currently this works in R/U using Distortion strike for +1/+0 and unblockable plus his +3/+0 from himself. So then island, island, mountain, Kiln Fiend, Distortion Strike, Distortion Strike, Assault Strobe, and Kiln Fiend hits for an unblockable 12 Doublestrike by just turn three the second Distortion Strike can be any instant or sorcery. I like this flavor it is very delicious, but we need our own twist on this one. Looking at Magic's website, dorky as I am, I show qualities of R/U/B mages that shall be a new theme. So we shall splash in some Black.

Creatures: 4
Kiln Fiend x4

Spells: 36
Tainted Strike x4
Distortion Strike x4
Assault Strobe x4
Lightning Bolt x4
Arc Trail x4
Diabolic Tutor x4
Virulent Strike x4
Foursee x4
Disentomb x4

Land: 20
Mountain x6
Swamp x6
Island x6
Terramorphic Expanse x2

So Kiln Fiend is the only creature as such the win condition, but with four tutor and Disentomb we basically have 12 copies. We also have options the game ends on turn three or higher by either a huge swing, or poison from Tainted Strike. The deck is fragile but then what deck isn't; besides this one isn't intended to compete but to catch some cocky jerk off guard. Feel free though to alter it to compete.


  1. I dunno dude. When I ran Kiln Fiend in RDW he usually gets his ass handed to him. He has "bolt me" written all over his face. I understand the disentomb recurs him but I just dont think its enough of a win condition. I'd probably rock 4 lavaclaw reaches for the mid to late game in case all your outs are used up. Plus, doublestriking a firebreathing manland could be good.


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