Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wha'ts red and green and goes 60mph?

A deck I don't have, ask CPA13 about 'Frog in a Blender'. What resides on the Naya shard, and is a pain to outrace? Naya Totem, the name needs work, is a deck I threw together a few months back when I was going to attend a local FNM since I had nothing else going on. 30 mins. later the deck performed fairly well despite being outside the original plan. The deck was based off an extended deck from Jacob Van Lunen using Kor Spiritdancer, the change was from Bant to Naya and from eight creatures to 12. A main reason for the change in shards was Uril, The Mist Stalker; but also the lack of need for the slight control of Spreading Seas or Mesa Enchantress. Looking through my auras I knew my curve would be off, and slightly high though like almost all of my decks of the time turn three was were it began to live. One of the secondary heavy hitters of the deck came as a surprise having not seen anything like this before Aura Gnarlid, now he quickly buffed as the only creature on board; then he waltzed by the opponents defenses with his high power giving pseudo unblockable. A little down the road came a couple tweaks the curve went up to six adding Sun Titan, and Bear Umbra. Now I was invited to FNM again between terms at school, and the deck needed tweaking to bring it to T2 losing eight cards. Two Naya Charms, Three Elvish Visionary, Two Path to Exile, and Uril, The Mist Stalker.

Creatures: 12
Sun Titan
Darksteel Sentinel
Copperhorn Scout
Blight Mamba x2
Kor Spiritdancer x3
Aura Gnarlid x4

Spells: 23
Mammoth Umbra x2
Bear Umbra x2
Hyena Umbra x2
Journey to Nowhere x2
Ascetism x2
True Conviction x2
Lightning Bolt x3
Boar Umbra x4
Canopy Cover x4

Lands: 25
Sunpetal Grove x3
Terramorphic Expanse x3
Mountain x5
Plains x7
Forest x7

Turn four, as deep as that is, be ready to be nailed for eleven even if the Spiritdancer doesn't stick earlier only being three-up; Gnarlid comes to me every game. There isn't much finesse to this deck as there is in Proliferate, Naya Totem is Spiketastic hit 'em hard hit 'em fast. Gnarlid is your best stick and best on turn three, followed on turn four with Hyena Umbra and or Boar Umbra. Since then I have considered adding a second  or even third Copperhorn which adds a fake Serra's Blessing. I've heard True Conviction is not good in T2, but the card isn't needed if the opponent is alive on turn six anyway it is time to speed this game up. Darksteel Sentinel  seems out of place, but fights trample also takes ahold of my deathtouch problem. Happy Hunting.

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  1. intense
    last time i played magic was so long ago


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