Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hello readers, I'd like to take a moment, and apologize for irregular updates. I don't lead an exciting life so it gets difficult to have topics of decent length; I also don't have a massive card pool to build a lot from. I did miss Thursday however, now Thursday felt like an off day almost none of the decks I had on hand wanted to work right I had recently restructured a Red Deck I've used since Mirrodin. Win conditions include War Elemental, and Megatog this deck will see a second revamp with SOM coming. Anyways I was facing an Izzet theme with Eye of The Storm on field, and then hit with Prophetic Bolt. He passed turn back, and saw a shitstorm go off; leading off with a Pyretic Ritual into Lightning Bolt followed by a second Lightning Bolt. In total he took 21 damage, and I was left to continue playing spells, and digging into my library that game was mine. Anyways I'm still debating what i want to do T2wise with Scars, I'm thinking maybe something GR with Metalcraft with a want to avoid Infect. I know Myrs is going to be a hit, but I might do that anyways. Also up to Part 26 of my commentary on The Darkness is up with Nine more well on their way; for a school project I'm working on a commercial for my two channels. I will also redo my dispute for putting back The Evil Dead since I am covered under the Fair Use clause. For those who don't subscribe check me out over at


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