Friday, September 10, 2010

Suddenly Thopters thousands of them.

I missed my chance to play yesterday since school's big days are Tuesday, and Thursday I blame my car for being a pile of fail, and AIDS. Anyways heres one I've been working on altering into something scarier; most people who keep up with the sport of magic know Thopter Combo, and that it got Sword of the Meek banned in Extended. Well here let's make it even worse.

Creatures: 0

Spells: 36
Thopter Foundry x4
Sword of the Meek x4
Muddle the Mixture x3
Ponder x2
Consult the Necrosages x2
Countersquall x2
Krark-Clan Ironworks x3
Faith's Fetters x3
Doom Blade x2
Repeal x3
Compulsive Research x2
Cancel x2
Negate x2
Repel the Darkness x2

Land: 24
Terramorphic Expanse x3
Plains x5
Swamp x8
Island x8

I would use more dual lands if I had them or Arcane Sanctums, but I don't. Anyways ideally on turn three we have Thopter Combo on the board which is basically game as is. Though the difference is we have the Ironworks dropped on turn four we have infinite life, and Thopter Tokens the next turn coming.
For those wondering how it works the breakdown goes something like this. Turn five pay two for a second Sword of the Meek, sacrfice one sword to Krark-Clan Ironworks adding 2 to your manapool; now sacrifice the second sword to the Thopter Foundry as per usual with the one of your two new mana when the Thopter Token hits the field both Sword of the Meek in your graveyard see this and come back equipped to the token, and Lather, Rinse, Repeat. It would be best to wait and do this in response to their attack because you can waste their creatures off, or on the end of their turn, and swing with the 1/1 tokens if they didn't scoop already. Seeing as Ravinca, and Mirrodin block are now new extended this deck is legal for its format. It is strange for me to be running nine hard counters but Muddle the Mixture is intended for Transmuting either Sword of the Meek or Thopter Foundry, or stopping opponent counters, build it and let me know how it works out for you.

To answer some questions from before, I play generally Tuesday, and Thursday weekly unless that changes next school term. Other than that whenever I'm with my friends, and we decide to play. Mass Polymorph has 31 spells, because I want to guarantee that I hit those creatures, and not something silly like an Eager Cadet I want to be the end game. As far as this deck being creatureless I was trying to move off of being creature heavy, this really helped I've seen a version with Tezzeret the Seeker, and more artifacts and artifact creatures that worked really well. People I play with usually get pissed when I play this so I don't often, and its usually because this deck tends to not lose it kinda turns on anal rape mode.


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