Thursday, September 9, 2010

Busy days.

On vacation from [undisclosed retailer] and loving it, but working to catch up on schoolwork put off in order to unwind depression from a shitty job. That isn't why you're here though lets talk wrecking faces, Tuesday I finally put together Mass Polymorph with a stand-in proxy of Kozilek, the Butcher of Truth since the post system seems to want to hold him away from me. unimportant things aside the deck looks something like this.

Creatures: 3
Mad Rush Cyclops
Emrakul, The Aeons Torn <-- Pre-release promo
Kozilek, The Butchr of Truth

Spells: 31
Mass Polymorph x3
Explore x3
Cultivate x2
Growth Spasm x3
Spectral Precession x4
Bestial Menace x3
See Beyond x3
Ponder x2
Narcolepsy x2
Negate x2
Overrun x2
Leyline of Vitality
Leyline of Sanctity

Land: 26
Terramorphic Expanse x3
Evolving Wilds
Forest x6
Khlani Garden x2
Island x6
Halimar Depths
Plains x7

The deck goes off early as turn four unchecked, this is possible off two different acceleration patterns probably more. On my first time playing it I managed a 1v1 with someone dubbed Harry Potter because he shares my name, and it helps end confusion between us. I hit the ground running with Mass Polymorph, Bestial Menace, Plains, Khlani Garden, Cultivate, Explore, Leyline of Vitality. As planned turn four with nothing in my way Mass polymorph for three, and swinging for 30 with Annihilator 10. It could have been turn five I don't know that game wasn't more than three minutes long. So anyways Mad Rush seems out of place, but fits in I like to swing when they hit the field, and not wait for summoning sickness to wear-off. He also officially makes the deck five colors. Ideally it should Mass Poly for three, but nothing less than two on two I'm either swinging with an Eldrazi, or sitting behind two massive fatties waiting to destroy. Running two-up on Negate also seems strange, but it is mainly for the late game to counter counters; most responses where to run Dispel instead, but Negate also allows me to put a halt to non-creature spells looking to ruin myself or my plans. I was worried about defending myself, but as it seems there wasn't a whole lot of need for it in multiplayer situations I'm under the radar until I go off and 1v1 it gives false security; also it goes roughly the speed of light with that acceleration. Next on my list is a Living Death with the ability to finish off two players at once.


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