Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stop, Proliferate, and Listen

Ice is back with a brand new invention.

Nothing like your ex-fiancée contacting you out of nowhere to idly chat about how she moved on in life after leaving you to go on and blah blah blah while all you did was move in with a relative and go to college again right? Well, fuck it lets talk trading cards, I spent a minute looking at what I had since I picked up two of the Tezzert v Elspeth (I love her name) decks and decided to try and explore Proliferate before Scars to grasp what I'm going to do. So I took my mainly colorless cards, and threw them together with a few colored counterparts. Master of Etherium, Arsenal Thresher, and Glassdust Hulk make up the only colored creatures in the whole thing. Now for a full look at the piece put together in legacy shame.

Planeswalkers: 2

Tezzeret, The Seeker x2

Creatures: 18

Glassdust Hulk
Arsenal Thresher x2
Triskelion x2
Master of Etherium x2
Steel Overseer x2
Arcbound Worker x2
Ornithopter x3
Myr Servitor x4

Spells: 20

Lands: 20

Island x7
Plains x6

A little weak, but we look to spread the love with proliferate which goes over fairly well. I didn't plan for the long game so it happens to be missing an X spell, and can desperately use one. So we either dig for Clasp or Tezzeret then hope to have counters out on the field to start multiplying. So we look to throw counters on anything and everything or build an insane mana source putting extra charge counters on Everflowing Chalice with a splash of red it could Comet Storm for damn near infinite; or if you read my last post could for infinite. I feel bad for not updating often so as a treat I'm going to put together a second deck in perfect condition (most of System CAI is still proxy), and put it up here in a bit.


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