Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hammertime 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ok so some of you may or may not have built a deck for Lurking Predators some time ago, lets now look back at decks using really massive creatures. Scars brings about some opportunity with Genesis Wave, XGG to look at the top X and put permanents with CMC X or less on the battlefield; just insane. Well I can think of two ways to utilize this card. We talked about Koth, and his kinda sorta Seething Song; now we break it. In any deck with Koth there is a super accelerant giving you 11 mana on turn 6, turn 4 drop a fourth mountain and place Koth on the field and use his +1 to untap a mountain it can either swing as a 4/4 or sit back and be a bolt bluff. Next turn we flop out a fifth mountain and use Koth for his -2 adding 5R to our pool and pool up 5R more from the Mountains which then becomes 5 counters on a Everflowing Chalice. Whoa 5 mana still to spend that turn is nice, but next turn 11 for w/e now lets say turns 2 and 3 you dropped Copper Myrs you happen to have GG ready to Genesis Wave for 12. What dig 12 cards deep and put any permanents cost 12 or lower into play? Not only all your land but any planeswalkers, creatures, auras, enchantments, or artifacts to name a few. That is just silly 12 not deep enough any lands you dropped should that have been a mana pocket let you dig deeper. Still not enough lets pick up the whole deck, and throw it on the field; how you ask? Well even more silliness, Scars gives us Myr Galvanizer other Myrs get +1/+1 and for 1T: Untap all other Myr not too bad for 3 CMC now with 2 other mana Myrs on the board lets say 2 more Copper Myr we throw on a Splinter Twin for Myr Galvanizer. For the followthrough we tap the Galvanizer to make a token then we tap the two Myrs for mana and then the second Galvanizer and 1 to untap everyone net 1 mana and repeat until satisfied you can then Genesis wave for everything you want, empty out your hand, and swing with unlimited myrs. Should you try to pull this off please let me know what shenanigans ensue.


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