Monday, September 6, 2010

Long weekend.

Nothing went up over the weekend, but I blame visiting family for that one. Anyways Pro-tour Amsterdam just passed by showing a lot of interesting decks played by familiar names. Extended format all around the constructed part of the tournament saw a lot of combo decks. As a personal pick I like the UB Dredge from Ben Lundquist; with such silliness as a turn two Iona. Constructing Mass Polymorph is giving me a couple issues I have a few open slots, and no idea what to devote to them; I would like to not rely on the Polymorph to win, but don't have a great card pool for it. In my research of this issue I came across the plot of Hagra Diabolist or Halimar Excavator. Typical of allies they have 'Enters the battlefield' triggers, off the Mass Polymorph for four is an instant win causing a loss of 64 life, or milling 64 cards. Instead I saw the potential to gain more dirty looks at school, and slate up all eight of them for a Living Death, and erase two players in a group setting. The deck would function on legacy format, run Dimir colors, and look like it isn't doing anything until it kills. With nothing else interesting, check back tomorrow for a recap on kills, and plays.


  1. I can't wait to see what you've got planned for posts this week! Just showing some support as always. :)

  2. i was just thinking, maybe it's a good thing you visited your family in case they all suddenly die.

    just showing some daily support. ;)


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